Tutoring Services

Need help in writing, college application essays, or even learning a new language? I can help!

My Services I provide 1-on-1 tutoring services in writing habits, essays, college search consulting, college application essays, and foreign language acquisition virtually via videoconferencing tools.

Ace Short-term Essays, Papers, etc.

I work with students to figure out how to excel in most things writing, including the following:

  • English classes
  • the SAT
  • AP English Language and AP English Literature
  • College Papers (ex. 10, 15, 25 page papers)
  • Professional writing in emails and correspondence in the workplace

Build Long-term Writing & Reading Habits

I work with middle school and high school students to build a habit of writing consistently and build the following skills:

  • sharpening their awareness of grammar and syntax
  • crafting an essay from brainstorm to final draft
  • navigating the revision and proofreading process

Ace College Application Essays

I collaborate with students and work to improve their abilities to:

  • find their voice in their personal statements
    • highlight your personality to the admissions committee!
  • write lots of quality essays quickly
    • don’t waste time procrastinating or getting stuck!
  • detect patterns and errors in their own writing
    • so that you can learn how to do it on your own!

Personalized College Search Consulting

Using a holistic big picture approach, I prioritize personal well-being and help define and support every step of the journey to attending the college you want to go to:

  • what colleges you are considering
  • what major(s) you are considering
  • what criteria you have for selecting colleges
  • what classes and grades you need for your desired colleges
    • and how to get those grades (ex. time management, energy management)
  • standardized exams and whether to take them:
  • what extracurriculars to take (or make)

Learn a New Language

I work with students individually to curate their personalized path to proficiency in the following languages:

  • English (native speaker)
    • English as a Second Language, especially for Mandarin Chinese native speakers.
  • Spanish (Español) (4 on AP Spanish Language)
    • Read, write, speak, listen, think
  • Japanese (日本語) (transferred into third year classes in university)
    • Read, write, speak, listen, think

Individual Paper & Essay Edits

My quality edits include:

  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Structure Check
  • Clarity Check

My Qualifications

About Me

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Diplomacy & World Affairs (International Relations) at Occidental College with Departmental Honors
    • with Minors in Linguistics and East Asian Studies
  • Excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal skills
  • Passion for working with middle school and high school students
  • Dependable and punctual
  • Flexible, patient, and attentive
  • Motivated and dedicated to helping students improve and succeed academically and holistically

Tutoring Experience

4 years of experience working with middle and high school students 

  • As a first-year in college, I tutored and advised undergraduate students with their essays as the Diplomacy & World Affairs Peer Student Advisor
  • In high school, I tutored my peers in English and Spanish as the National Honor Society Tutoring Coordinator.

English Language & Writing

  • Native Speaker
  • Got a 4 on AP English Language (self-studied)

Foreign Languages

I am proficient in 5 languages: English (native), Spanish (advanced), Japanese (intermediate), Chinese (intermediate), and Korean (beginner).

I earned a minor in Linguistics in university.

What Other People Say About Me

"I recommend Jonathan to any student who wants not only to write better but to enjoy writing.” - Qin X., CA

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