Tod Kawada '14 Business Strategist at Kawada Technologies Inc.

川田忠英 headshot web
Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan
B.A. in Economics

Tod Kawada ’14 is a business strategist at Kawada Technologies Inc. One of Japan’s premier construction, engineering and robotics companies, it was started in 1922 by Kawada’s great great grandfather.

Born in Tokyo, Kawada came to Oxy as an international student. He was involved with the Japanese Cultural Organization (JCO) on campus, where he helped organize events relating to Japanese literature, food, and entertainment. He was also a Japanese Language Peer Advisor. He maintained his proficiency in English-Japanese translations via Professor Ezaki’s Translating Texts class.

After graduating, he moved to Singapore to work as an analyst in the automotive and tech industries before moving back to Japan to work at his current job.