Kyle Herrera '11 Senior Project Manager at TRIPP, Inc.

Kyle Herrera
From Pasadena, California, USA
B.A. in Asian Studies with an emphasis on the Japanese language and Minors in English and Comparative Literary Studies
Worked in Kyoto City; Hyogo Prefecture; Machida City in Tokyo

Kyle Herrera is a senior project manager at TRIPP, Inc., a mental wellness company making a virtual reality (VR) meditation app.

Born in Pasadena, California, Herrera developed an interest in Japanese entertainment and media from an early age. Some of his early memories include playing Pokemon on the Game Boy, watching Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli, and reading Dragon Ball Z comics.

Herrera attended Oxy with the goal of studying Japanese and going abroad to Japan. He immediately began Japanese language courses in his first year, and in his junior year, he went abroad via the Associated Kyoto Program (AKP) at Doshisha University. His academic advisor, Professor Morgan Mitelka was an AKP alumnus and helped review his application. His Japanese studies at Oxy and his time abroad with AKP helped him get accepted into the JET Programme.

After graduating from Oxy, Herrera taught elementary and middle school students English as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. After the JET Programme, Herrera was recruited by Age of Learning (AofL), the company that created ABCmouse Early Learning Academy. AofL was expanding ABCmouse, an English language learning program, into Asian markets, and he helped run production and marketing for their international websites. After nearly a decade at AofL, he began project managing at TRIPP, a virtual reality (VR) wellness company.