Kai Harris '12 Working at a Small Import and Wine Sales Company in Osaka

Kai Harris
Kyoto, Kyoto
B.A. in Economics with a Business emphasis
From Lexington, MA

Kai Harris ’12 currently works at a small import and wine sales company in Osaka.

Although he is half Japanese, Harris did not really consider living or going to Japan as his family had little connection to Japan.

At Oxy, Harris broadened his horizons by exposing himself to new things and meeting new people from different backgrounds and ways of thinking. Harris became interested in how to look at things from a different perspective. Going to a different country like Japan can expand how one looks at the world. Harris is especially thankful to his professors who wrote recommendations when he was applying to jobs.

After graduating, Harris moved to nearby Glendale with some friends, worked at a restaurant, and made music. Afterwards, he got a job teaching at AEON, an English conversation school. After a few years there, Harris went to business school in Japan. During the pandemic he went to Japanese language school and he now works at a small import and wine sales company in Osaka.